About Bexar Wear

Bexar Wear was created off a desire to show pride in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas, as well as my background and other parts of my life, with a damn comfortable T-shirt. We make shirts we'd like to wear, and we think you'll like them, too. Bexar Wear is new, and we're definitely a small operation, but it's the brand that makes your next favorite T-shirt. 

Who am I?

Hi! I'm Joe Ruiz. I'm just a guy with an idea for T-shirts inspired by the love for my hometown and the life I've led. I get back home when I can, enjoy breakfast tacos as much as the next person and cheer for the Silver and Black, even though I'm far from home. I grew up in San Antonio, went to college not too far away at Texas State (and even when it was Southwest Texas State), and was able to accomplish a bit of a dream by working and serving my hometown and its people through my chosen profession. My career has since taken me away from San Antonio, but SA will always be home for me.

If you have thoughts on Bexar Wear, please feel free to e-mail me at joe@bexarwear.com. I'll get back as soon as I can.

I'd be remiss if I didn't thank a few people for helping me get Bexar Wear out of my head and into reality.

  • Jessica Garcia, who has and remains key in helping with digital marketing and kicking me in the butt to get things done. She's available for freelance work!
  • Ariadne Willis, who has done all the graphic designs for the ideas in my head. You, too, can hire her, and should.
  • Nan Palmero, who graciously allowed me to use one of his spectacular photos of San Antonio for the site and its social outlets. 
  • Vicky Valencia and Nicole Chavez, the two women in my life who listened to me, suggested ideas, and pushed me to get this business launched.
  • BA Snyder, Billy Woodward, Brenda Muñoz, Brett Baker, Dale Blasingame, Danny Charbel, Jim Bob Breazeale, Krystal Atwater, Melissa Burnett, Natalie Tejeda, and Will Cruz. Love y'all.

Charitable donations

While there are certainly many worthy charities out there, two stand out to me as they are both created by two of my friends, and are named for their family members who had a huge impact on their lives and those of many others. I pledge to donate 10 percent of Bexar Wear's profits between these two charities. If you'd like to support them on your own, I would be grateful.

  • The Jessica Redfield Ghawi Scholarship Fund was created to support students studying sports journalism. The fund was created in memory of Jessica Ghawi, who was killed in 2012 before she could fully realize her dream of becoming a sports journalist.
  • The Maria I. Villanueva Scholarship Fund was established in 2014 through the Texas Kidney Foundation to provide financial assistance for college students who currently undergo dialysis treatment, transplant recipients, living donors or their families.

Wholesale opportunities

If you have a retail shop and are interested in stocking Bexar Wear products, I'd be happy to talk to you about it. Email me at joe@bexarwear.com.